Woody Allen Talks About Kristen Stewart Involvment For His Untitled Film

During an interview of Woody Allen at the Irrational Man press conference, the directors talks about Kristen involvement in his upcoming untitled film. 

@charlesthorp Don’t worry Kristen Stewart still in Woody Allen’s next film. There are more roles to cast though, starts filming August 17. #IrrationalMan

@charlesthorp Woody Allen says cast for his next film: Parker Posey (again), Blake Lively. Jesse Eisenberg, Bruce Willis and he’s still casting.

@JoeyMagidson Woody Allen says his next film takes place in the 30’s, is about a few families, and has a bit of organized crime in it.

@JoeyMagidson She is [On Kristen being part of the cast], and he told me it takes place in the 1930’s.

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