The Critics Are Raving About Kristen Stewart’s Performance In ‘The Runaways!’

Bonnie isn’t the only one saying Kristen rocked this movie!

After months of hype, The Runaways is finally in theaters this weekend! It’s a limited release for now, but at least fans will finally get a chance to see Kristen Stewart ignite the screen as ’80s rocker Joan Jett. And it sounds like fans will have plenty to look forward too, as the critics are LOVING K-Stew’s performance:

  1. “Ms. Stewart, watchful and unassuming, gives the movie its spine and soul. Cherie may dazzle and appall you, but Joan is the one you root for, and the one rock ’n’ roll fans of every gender and generation will identify with.” — A.O. ScottThe New York Times
  2. “Stewart in short-cropped dark hair and dark clothes is the movie’s driving force as Joan Jett.” — Kirk HoneycuttThe Hollywood Reporter
  3. “Kristen Stewart gets out of Bella mode, and is completely convincing as the young, awkward Joan who’s determined to rock as hard as any guy with her new girl band, The Runaways.” — Bonnie Fuller,
  4. Twilight’s Stewart is a good fit for the tough but good-natured Jett, who carried on as frontwoman after Currie left, then launched a far more successful solo career.” —Dennis HarveyVariety


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