Singapore Hair Stylist Mervin Wee Talks About Kristen Stewart!

Singapore Hairstylist of Jean Yip, Mervin Wee talks about the doing Kristen’s hair and how Kristen feels about the local cusines.

The Twilight star was curious about how the local favourite tasted. So managing and artistic director at the Jean Yip Group, Mervin Wee bought her a packet.

“She loved it,” chilli and all, he said.

Kristen Stewart had her hair cut at a private room at the Jean Yip Loft at Chinatown for her role in sci-fi Hollywood film Equals.

Co-star Nicholas Hoult had his hair done at the one-north MRT Station while the 107 other cast members had their at the Infinite Studios at Portsdown Road over five consecutive days.

Mr Wee, husband of Jean Yip from Jean Yip Group, personally attended to Stewart and Hoult.

Mr Wee said he and Stewart chatted about Singapore’s local cuisine and she mentioned chicken rice. “Of course, then, as a Singaporean, I had to be a good host and so I bought her a packet from Tian Tian chicken rice from the nearby Maxwell Food Centre market.

“Kristen did not finish the packet, but she said the rice was very flavourful and the chilli was delicious. She had a can of Coke to accompany her meal.”

Mr Wee said Stewart came with a short bob with a dark blonde colour. He said: “But I was tasked to taper her hair and dye it medium ash blonde.”

He added that her hair was fine with natural curls and quite dry due to the humidity in Singapore and Stewart’s hectic lifestyle.

The hour session started at about 3pm on Sept 6.

Though he said Stewart is not a chatty person, she was sweet with her gestures and tone. He said: “I did not want to bother her too much as I know that she is very busy and needs her rest.”
Once the session was over, Stewart said she liked her hair very much and thanked Mr Wee.

While Stewart donned a distressed T-shirt and blue denim skinny jeans, Hoult, whose hair was cut another day, wore long beige pants with a white T-shirt.

Mr Wee said: “I’m so surprised that both of them were so nice and warm. It was an amazing experience.”

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