Robert Pattinson Stuntman Talks Robsten

Robert Pattinson stunt double in Twilight has mentioned some Kristen & Robert stuffs during his candid interview

Is Kristen Stewart as big of a bitch as she seems?
The first week, it was kind of awkward. I felt like I had gotten to know her a little. But we were sitting together at lunch one day, just talking, and I said “Hey Kristen, how is filming going?” She blew up at me. “Preston! Don’t ask me how filming is going! I hate when people ask me that!” I got upset. Like, ‘oh sorry you’re the fucking star of the movie Kristen, my bad for asking you how it was going.’

Do you think that they’re dating?
No, I don’t think so. There was no chemistry on set. Robert… I just don’t think Kristen is his type of style. He’s a really shy kid. I think he’s only had one girlfriend ever.

Source: WWeek

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