Robert & Kristen’s Different Ways Of Thinking

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart clearly have a connection – from their onscreen chemistry in the “Twilight” saga to their real-life romance, the two stars undoubtedly see eye-to-eye on a lot of things – except for how they approach their careers as performers.

During his recent sit-down with MTV, the 24-year-old discussed the differences between his outlook on the acting process compared to KStew’s, saying, “We just have different ways of thinking. I like the kind of cerebral aspect of things, and she has kind of an immediate emotional response to stuff every single time.”So, how does Robert’s more-mental approach to acting bode with Kristen’s responsiveness? Not too well, actually – while Pattinson admitted he’s someone who can’t take on a project until he entirely gets it, Stewart will be the first to point out what there is to “get” is actually right there in front of him.

Laughing while describing Kristen’s sheer honesty, RPattz told this to MTV, “She’s like, ‘Why can’t you understand? It’s obvious. You don’t know, you shouldn’t be an actor!’ ”

Source: Celebrity Gossip

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