R-Pattz: “Breaking Dawn Could Not Be Toned Down”

Robert Pattinson has revealed that there was “no way” film makers could tone down the gory birth scene in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

The 25-year old star, who previously claimed that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart “looked like an alien” when playing Bella Swan during the shocking scene, has confessed that fans will be surprised how graphic the movie is.

Speaking to Premiere magazine about the scene, where Bella’s baby eats her from inside, R-Pattz explained: “It’s hilarious. No movie this size dates taking those kind of risks.”

He continued: “But since the craziest scenes are a big part of the story going forward, it was impossible to not have them included in the film… There was no way we would tone it down.”

Pattinson went on to admit that he believes that David Cronenberg, the director for his latest flick, Cosmopolis, will be stunned by his portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn.

The hunky actor claimed: “I think he’s going to enjoy certain scenes, like the one where I open her [Kristen] up by biting through her placenta.”

“It was without a doubt the funniest thing I ever had to do. I’d raise my head up and I was covered with cottage cheese or whatever substance they put in there.”

Nice! Rob added that when it came to shooting the scene, they wanted to make it as realistic as possible.

He told the mag: “Before filming the scene, Stephenie Meyer, a midwife, Kristen and I sat down to talk to a doctor to decide where I was supposed to bite if this situation would ever occur in real life.”

Pattinson added: “The doctor looked at us a bit puzzled and said: ‘I don’t think you could ever do this in real life.’”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is due to hit cinemas this November!

Source: MTV

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