Power Stylists 2022: Behind the Scenes Kristen Stewart

It has been 17 years since Swennen started working with Kristen Stewart and went on to dress her for her first major red carpet collaboration during the 2007 Toronto Film Festival. “She is family,” says Swennen, who had an exceptionally busy year with the Spencer star’s jam-packed awards season calendar. “It was particularly fun because we had so many opportunities to play. Kristen is an ever-changing fashion chameleon, and we love to push boundaries.” The L.A.-based stylist, who also dresses Matthew McConaughey, estimates that they put together 50 looks for Stewart’s press tour, including casual outfits for Zooms and countless Chanel samples for the longtime face of the brand. Says Stewart: “We both love the ease that our history gives our work.” Most memorable? The Oscar nominee eschewed a traditional ball gown in favor of Chanel short-shorts, rewriting the rules of appropriate attire for Hollywood’s biggest night. “I had a very specific way I wanted to feel that night,” says Stewart. Adds Swennen: “It made waves simply because it was original and unprecedented; I’m glad it was well received.” The stylist kicked off Stewart’s press at the Venice Film Festival with a similarly short tweed Chanel romper. “Kristen’s red carpet style is uniquely hers. She is always unapologetically authentic and carries a confidence that is magnetizing.”

“It is a fun and collaborative process that develops and unfolds as we grow together,” says Swennen. Adds Stewart: “We started working together when I was 14! She has a wealth of experience that informs her eye and her taste. Tara’s loyal and she enjoys helping people feel their best.”

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