New ‘Still Alice’ Movie Still!

Oh my god! New production still of Kristen in ‘Still Alice’ movie! Kristen looks so funky and gorgeous at the same time and of course always looking forward to the movie! It is all genuine Kristen all over again! Don’t you guys agree? At the sa,e time, enjoy the beautiful still of Kristen!


In case you are still wondering about the sypnosis, it will describe what the movie is about.

Renowned linguistics professor Dr. Alice Howland (the always-extraordinary Julianne Moore, also at the Festival in Maps to the Stars) knows the truth of Bishop’s poetic insight as well as anyone. Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, Alice learns the art of losing every day.

At first, Alzheimer’s means losing her way around the streets of Manhattan, but soon — far too soon for her husband and three grown children — it’s much more. But even as it puts her marriage to the test, Alice’s new condition does provide the opportunity to reconnect with her youngest daughter, Lydia (Kristen Stewart), with whom she’s never seen eye-to-eye. The fact that Alice is a lifelong student of language and communication proves a powerful resource in her fight against mental decline, but it also means that she has a uniquely troubling understanding of what’s to come.

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