New KStew quotes from UK ELLE

So, a while a go we (ok, it was just me) interviewed Kristen Stewart for this month’s issue of UK ELLE

As you’ve prolly worked out by now, right here in the P.i.X Bunker we are purreettty big fans of Joan Jett, and you might know by now that K-Stew is playing JJ in the new biopic The Runaways. Exciting timez my friends, right? Anyway, so we were driving round LA with K-Stew, and you know, got to talking about music n’ stuff, and I thought I’d post some of it up right here

How much did you know about Joan before you played her? Were you a fan of her music?
I was a fan of her music, like, in LA you grow up listening to the radio, it’s so great. There used to be a really great radio station that would play what you actually listen to – so I knew who Joan Jett was but I didn’t really know who The Runaways were. They were kind of forgotten, no one my age knows who they were but they do now!

She’s pretty cool though, right?
She’s so sweet. Detail wise it was really nerve wracking to get her. She’s a really dynamic person, and she has so many fans and people that know her distinctly.

Was it hard to “get her”?
Musically she has the weirdest voice, she has the coolest voice. I luckily played guitar but I had to learn her stuff and her style.
She’s a leftie but plays right handed, right?
Yeah, she’s left handed but luckily plays regular. There’s one scene when she’s signing her contract and I had to do it with my left hand.

What stuff are you listening to right now?
i’m listening to Camera Obscura at the moment. My favourite band is Interpol, and i’m listening to Broken Bells a lot too. they are the new band from the lead singer of The Shins. I listen to a lot of music in the car or in airports, I’m always going somewhere so I get the chance to listen to a lot of music on my ipod. I’m kind of into The Smiths too. I’ve never really been a fan of theirs but I am getting into it now. I still dance around my room pretending i’m Morrissey, which is funny, it’s so emo. My favourite Smiths song is Vicar In A Tutu….I listen to stuff over and over until I know it really well, but this song’s hard, I had to look up the lyrics.

Source: The Pix Zine

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