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We would’ve rather interview Kristen at twilight, but it was dawn, like the movie title, which I guess had a stronger influence on the time set for us. Our date was at 5:00 AM, suite 1501 at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills. Thanks to the latte on her hand, Kristen was already up and ready, but her publicist pointed out, “No pictures; her make up is not done.” Completely by ourselves, and with no interruptions at all (just a bodyguard on the door to prevent people from walking in), we started an interview that would’ve been great if we were vampires, so it’d last for ever.

How’s a typical day for you? From dawn to twilight?

I have a very early start everyday. My dog Bear usually wakes me up. I live a normal life, pretty much everything that a 22 year old does. If I’m not working, I read, I walk my dog. I’m going through an amazing time in my life right now. My mind is very active. I’m never bored. Even when I’m not working, my mind is full of ideas.

If you were a vampire what would you like to do with your time?

I’d take advantage of my strength and speed. I’d leave the house unnoticed.

What beauty tips did you learn on the set of Twilight?

Just stay away from the sun (laughs).

Have you ever tasted blood? Real blood?


Sangria, then?

That, I have (laughs).


What do you have the most in common with Bella?

Bella has faith and hope. She knows what she wants and trusts people. She’s loyal.

Would you say you’re as romantic as Bella?


Would you love to live forever?


Not even if it means living forever with the person that you love?

If the person I loved was a vampire, I’d make the sacrifice for him. But if he wasn’t and he told me, “Let’s become vampires so we can live forever” I’d say, “Why don’t we just stay happy the way we are?”

What do you like the most about a man?

I want a man who is a real man. It sounds obvious, but it’s not something you find easily.

What do you like the least about a man?

I think it’s just something that applies to everybody. I like people who know who they are. There’s people that are not like that. You can tell they aren’t authentic, and I can tell right away. Those people don’t even exist to me.

If you could use a superpower what would you choose?

I’d like to read minds, but only if I could turn off that power whenever I wanted. Edward reads people’s minds whenever he wants.

Does fame give people superpowers?

It gives you great access to amazing things.. You can choose to take on many different challenges. But with that it comes more responsibility.

To what point can you understand what your fans feels for you? Have you ever gone crazy for someone else?

Yes, I still can’t talk to Jenny Lewis, for example. I’m a huge fan, I met her a couple of times and it was awful. I don’t even want to exist when she’s around. It had nothing to do with fame, because everything she’s done has been part of my life. It sounds weird but it sounds like I know her because of what she’s created.

You’re basically saying what your fans would say about you…

That’s right. I never think fans are crazy people, but I don’t take credit for what they feel either. Because if they were the ones writing or performing, I’d feel the same way. I really relate to my fans the most, we’re exactly the same.

Is it true that you and Robert had to move from your home because you were being chased by fans?

It’s impossible to go somewhere and not be spotted. We’ve had to change hotels, that is true, but we’ve never been forced to move homes.

Do you have a technique to go out and not be spotted by fans?

It’s tricky because you can do the most weird thing to hide yourself, and they still find you. You immediately draw attention to yourself if you something like that. Call it a wig, a hat, sunglasses. Everyone suddenly wants to know who’s hiding under there.

Have your tried it at least?

I haven’t tried it because it doesn’t work. It’s embarrassing.

Rob said he would like to star in a new version of Mr and Mrs Smith with you. Would you be up for it?

They need to show me the script first. That would be funny.

Would you like to be the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

They are amazing people, and do a wonderful job, considering all they do and all they have, I would love to be like them. They’re incredible people.

If you had a daughter would you name her Renesmee?

No (laughs).

What do you feel like when you win the MTV Award for Best Kiss?

It feels good. It’s still surprising that people keep recongizing our hard work. We appreciate it.

What do you think about people who can’t tell real life from fantasy life?

Maybe there are people like that but I never pay attention to them. There’s people who will always see me as Bella, but if they’re true fans of the books and movies, then to me it’s a compliment. It doesn’t bother me at all. People ask me if I’m worried about being typecast. If people can’t see me as anything else but a character from a beloved series, then that’s cool to me.

What’s your perfect Twilight ending?

I like where Bella is at the end. She’s been through a lot. She needs to be happy and move on. Watching her have more babies would get boring.

If you could write your own story, what would you like to create?

I’m at that point in my life in which I feel like I’m going to explode. I want to feel challenged by something for the rest of my life. I like people who are 30, 40, 50 and still have that passion. Although there’s the opposite too, people who don’t work or don’t want to continue to create anything anymore, and they think that enthusiasm for life is for young people only. I hope I stay the same, always looking forward and with the thirst to do more things in my life.

Kristen and Vampires.

Favorite vampire movie?

Nosferatu. It’s scary, just looking at him is scary.

Favorite Twilight scene ever?

Bella and Edward at the graduation and their wedding.

Least favorite Twilight movie?

That’s hard to answer. I’d have to say New Moon, it’s hard to admit it, and it doesn’t sound good to admit it either, but something could’ve been better.

Diva Test
How many personal assistants do you have?

Just one.

Have you ever gotten your own gas at the station.

Of course.

Last time you made your own bed?

It’s been a while…. but nobody makes the bed for me either.

Have you ever worn the same dress twice?


Do you ever take left overs from the restaurant?


Who spends the longest in fron of the mirror in your family?

(thinks for a while) Yeah, me.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Fancy shoes? Not so many. Sneakers, you have no idea.

Do you wash your hair with fancy water or regular water?

Regular water.

When was the last time you went to the supermarket?

That’s not because I’m a diva, I just can’t go to a supermarket.

When was the last time you took the bus, subway or the train?

Never. That’s the truth.

When was the last time you were able to take a stroll down the streets without being bothered?
Actually that was a little while ago, in Paris. It was amazing.

Source: Twilight Poison via Kstewartfan LJ

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