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Hello Kristen, you’re different to others hollywood’s actress you can see on the red carpet, what do you thing about that?

I don’t know what you mean by “different”, Maybe because i’m not confortable in heigh hills and dress in front of thousand of people screaming your name.

I don’t really love crowded paces. It can be become quickly scaring and overwhelming, so i’m not the most glamorous person in those situation. It’s hard to give agenuine smile when you’re petrified, overwhemed by the crowd. It’s that’s the difference you’re talking about?

Yes but also the fact that you’re a natural woman

I’m not the only one to be natural. It’s just that i’m put in the front side because of twiligh,So people bend over my case. I’m going to take this as a compliment. I just try to be honnest.My success, i live it as something to proud of, something that makes me happy. I’m thankfull for the public’s recognisation. So i’m at peace. It’s also that i’m confourtable whith who i’m, what i say, what how i feel.I don’t pretend to be prefect,I don’t want people to think that i’m.I want people to see me as i’m. Do you have the feeling that you’re getting used to dressing up and read carpet events.You seem more and more feminine more has the ease in your dresses

I’m not going to lie and say you get used to it after a while.We tarvel all over the world.Iwas barely 18 when first twilight hit theater, now i’m 20. I assume my feminity more than i used to. Now i know what creator, what dress i need.I’m more at ease with my dressses choice now.It’s now more than weird piece of fabric in which i feel like a drag queen or an Alien. I’m starting to have fun with it ( laugh)

From Translator: (i don’t care for the twi question so i won’t do the translation; Sorry )

with rob you won a MTV award for best kiss, would have you love it if it was with Dakota instead?

Oh yes. I would have been really proud to win it with Dakota.I think i would have done the same thing the “almost kiss” and go ” and what else?” It would have been funny.

Dakota and you are really close do you see her as a best friend?

Yes, one of my best friend, a sister, a confident… She is a funny girl, bright, intelligent, down to earth with a big heart.I love to hang out with her, we’re ourself, no need to speak, you know. It’s just i adore her.

Do you get along so well because of your experiences for both of you starting so young in the business?

Of course. Dakota started when she was so little; it’s the same thing for me.
Quickly our girls concern become adults concern. it’s a job that allow you to meet sharks, it’s a job that ask you to become responsible really early in your growth.
So you have to grow up fast. Dakota went trough the same thing as me.So we give each others advices. It’s nice to have someone to talk to in moment of doubt.

Back to the Mtv awards, do you have the feeling of bein Mega stars when you go to stuff like that?

The truth is i think is really unfair. We won those prices because we have millions of fans who voted for thos awards.But the other project are just as worthy. They should win as well. I sincerely hope that others actors don’t hate us.I was embarassed, i was under the impression that rob and i was like the queen and the king of prom, though i’ve never went to high school. I’ve never went to a prom, so i asked Rob if this is how it looks like. And he said we were right in.

Source: @BigCombat

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