MTV’s Top 10 Movies We’re Looking Foward To In 2010: ‘Eclipse’

8. “Remember Me,” or “When Edward Finds A Blonde”
Keeping in line with chick-flicks we’re excited for is Robert Pattinson’s newest non-vampire film, “Remember Me.” Not only is it Rob’s first chance to show to the world (in wide release) his acting capabilities, but it’s also starring some of our favorite people. Emile de Ravin! Pierce Brosnan! Chris Cooper! It’s March 12 release date will hopefully satiate our “Twilight” needs for at least a week.

2. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” or “Another Record Breaker”
“Eclipse” is the one book in the “Twilight” series that truly lives up to the hype (Action! Romance! The supernatural!), and is sure to reach a wider audience then both of its predecessors and sustain its income a bit longer than “New Moon” did. Really, if you’re reading this list, you’re sure to not need any explanation for why June 30 is a date to look forward to.

Source: MTV

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