MTV 2010’s Best Couples

Love bloomed in 2010. While some of the year’s celebrity hookups made sense, we have to admit that at least one of MTV News’ favorite couples of the year kind of had us scratching our heads, even if they do look adorable together. What was the trend for 2010 when it comes to love in the world of entertainment? Musicians love comedians!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
They may refuse to talk about it, but 2010 seemed to confirm long-simmering suspicions that RPattz and KStew had taken their onscreen love affair offscreen, thanks to a number of high-profile sightings over the course of the year. Who could forget when they kissed at the MTV Movie Awards in June and then spent the summer shooting separate flicks, still finding time to hang out together? Pattinson visited Stewart on the set of “On the Road,” and the pair flew the friendly skies together. They grabbed a meal together in L.A., which seems to be a very coupley thing to do. The two were also spotted kissing on the beach for a “Breaking Dawn” honeymoon scene.

Source: MTV

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