Kristen was in Phoenix

My aunt’s boyfriend works in the film industry (no, he’s not an actor 😛 He’s part of the crew) and he just called me and told me he has finished a 4 day shoot with Kristen in Phoenix, Arizona. I don’t know if this is really news posting worthy but I just thought people would like to know.

Here’s what else he told me:

– Kristen didn’t sign any autographs/pictures for anyone (he tried super hard to get me one) during the whole time.
– When she wasn’t filming she was locked up in her trailer. And people drove her from her trailer to wherever she needed to be.
– She mainly kept to herself and hardly talked to any of the crew members or other actors (my uncle says she was really weird 😛 )
– She smokes a lot.
– Is a lot prettier in person.
– He saw her film a couple scenes and says she’s pretty good.

That’s about it. I didn’t ask a lot to not seem too ~weird to him 😛Source: KStewartFans LJ

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