Kristen Stewart would have been “jealous” if she wasn’t in Happiest Season

“Sick! I’m the one in this movie.”

Kristen Stewart has admitted she would have been “jealous” if she hadn’t landed the role of Abby in Happiest Season.

The actress revealed in the latest issue of Total Film that she’s “proud” to star in the festive lesbian movie, which follows her character as she heads to girlfriend Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) family home for Christmas.

However, she finds out Harper hasn’t actually come out to her conservative parents, which throws a spanner in the works when it comes to her plans to propose.

“It really made me laugh and totally reflected, to me, what it feels like to go home and reacquaint yourself with your family after, you know, going through things and changing,” the former Twilight star said of the rom-com, which dropped its trailer earlier this week.

“It felt absurd and scary, but also really warm. I trusted [director Clea DuVall], it being about two women and the whole team she was assembling was rad…

“It became something that had its own heart and I knew that I’d be jealous if someone else was in it. I kind of feel that about most things I do, but this was different. I was proud, like ‘Sick! I’m the one in this movie.'”

Her co-star Mackenzie also explained her decision to star in the film, teasing that Clea and Kristen played a big part in her saying yes.

“Like most of my decisions, it was purely selfish in that I thought Kristen and Clea were really cool and I was like, ‘Plus, it’ll really make me look good.’ No, the script deeply moved me. It’s nice to make stuff that isn’t overtly political but you’re still proud of the footage you’re putting out into the world,” she said.

“I don’t ever wanna have a career that feels like propaganda but I do think the choices you make, and what you attach yourself to or implicitly endorse, are important. I endorse this message, for sure.”

Happiest Season is released on Hulu on November 25. It will be available to rent or buy in the UK the following day.

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