Kristen Stewart Won’t Wear A Wig In ‘Breaking Dawn’: ‘I’m Going To Have My Own Hair’

We’ll admit, we were one of many who jumped in on the bashing-of-Kristen-Stewart’s-wig-in-“Eclipse” bandwagon, but hey, it didn’t look that great! After seeing the movie, it wasn’t as bad as we were anticipating, but there were still come scenes in the film that it looked pretty obvious.

After rounds and rounds and rounds of interviews, someone (very unlikely, might we add) finally asked her about WigGate: George Lopez. We’re guessing Kristen’s dad, who works for the show, prompted the question, but still, we’re glad someone had the guts to speak up.

“Is it widely known that, in ‘Eclipse,’ that you were wearing a wig?” George innocently asked Kristen, and she laughingly answered “yeah” just as the audience members started yelling out, “Yesssss!”

We all know she needed to wear the wig because she cut her hair for “The Runaways” (Bella’s hair in “Twilight” and “New Moon” was au natural), but what we didn’t know was just how badly Summit wanted her to not shop her locks.

Kristen Stewart”They’re going to hate me for this, but they offered me lots of ridiculous… many ridiculous things to not do that,” she said.

“Besides money?” George asked, a little astonished. “Uh, no,” Kristen answered with a laugh.

She continued, “I completely understand, I just thought we’d have a better… wig, and, uh, it’s OK, we worked it out, and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it’s OK now.”

So maybe we weren’t completely off when we suggested that she wore the same wig Taylor Lautner wore in “Twilight”?

Still, rest easy, because Kristen was quick to announce that “I’m not going to have a wig in the next one [we think she means both parts of ‘Breaking Dawn’], I’m just going to have my own [hair].”

Source: Hollywood Crush

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