Kristen Stewart “Uncomfortable” With Robert Pattinson, Suki Waterhouse Relationship Is Made-Up Story

A story claiming Kristen Stewart is “uncomfortable” with Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s relationship was made-up. It is one site’s attempt to keep linking the exes even though they split long ago. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Earlier this week, photos emerged of Pattinson and Waterhouse kissing, revealing they’re in the midst of a romance. While a few outlets have reported on their blossoming bond, HollywoodLife wants readers to think it scored an “exclusive” about Stewart’s reaction. To dupe fans, the blog is pretending to have a “source close to Kristen,” who supposedly reveals that she “still thinks about Robert all the time and kind of misses him too.” It’s further claimed she “still has strong feelings for him.”

This untraceable tipster goes on to contend Stewart is a “little uncomfortable whenever she sees him dating someone new… Robert was a big part of Kristen’s life for many years so seeing him with Suki hurts.” The blog’s alleged insider maintains Stewart “hopes Robert finds happiness but she doesn’t care to know or hear about it,” because she “does not like seeing Robert looking in love with someone new.” There are a few problems with these contentions.

First off, Pattinson is typically known as “Rob” to those who actually know him and are related to his world. In fact, Stewart herself has even referred to him as “Rob” in interviews about their relationship, so it’s suspicious that this “source” keeps referring to “Robert.” Second, the claim that Stewart is “uncomfortable whenever she sees him dating someone new” is strange since Pattinson has only had one serious relationship in the years since they split. He has been linked to a lot of women through the tabloids, but besides Stewart, Pattison is only known to have dated FKA Twigs.

Third, Pattinson didn’t just date Twigs. He was engaged to her, and Stewart went on living her life without issue. The notion that she’s now “upset” because he was seen merely kissing someone is kind of laughable. The website also is assuming everyone will believe Stewart saw the pictures of Pattinson and Waterhouse when it’s entirely possible she didn’t. After all, she has a full life of her own, which constitutes our fourth point.

Stewart is regularly seen out with girlfriend Stella Maxwell, including just last week. Also last week, it was officially announced Stewart will star in Sony’s Charlie Angels reboot. This summer she’s also been filming Against All Enemies, and has two other movies in post-production. Yet the outlet is painting the picture of someone who is spending her time fretting after paparazzi photos emerged of someone she last dated more than five years ago. And since their last split, Stewart herself has had several relationships. It’s clear she’s moved on.

Fifth, it’s striking that the unidentifiable “source” insists Stewart “doesn’t care to know or hear about” Pattinson’s love life, yet this story is all about the actress knowing and how she feels as a result. And if she wants to distance herself from his personal life, why would someone “close” to Stewart even discuss the topic at all with a gossip site? This reminds Gossip Cop of how the blog likes to link another former couple in a similar way. Just one day ago, HollywoodLife peddled a tale claiming Selena Gomez wants Justin Bieber to marry Hailey Baldwin “soon,” while at the same time having a so-called “friend” assert, “It’s not something she really wants to talk about or hear about.” Again, why then would someone in her inner circle publicly discuss it?

These narratives defy logic, which further underscore how they’re fabricated, and poorly so. It’s not about sensible reporting. It’s about exploiting couplings over whom fans still obsess. Gossip Cop has pointed this out countless times, including earlier this year when the website manufactured a tale about Pattinson being “desperate” to revive his bond with Stewart. It’s the outlet that keeps tying them together, not the stars themselves. This new storyline sparked by the pictures of the actor with Waterhouse is just the latest example.

To recap, HollywoodLife claims Stewart is “hurt” Pattinson was photographed kissing a new love interest, when he was previously engaged to someone and she herself has been seen kissing others, too, since their breakup half a decade ago. It doesn’t make sense because it was made-up.

Source: Gossip Cop

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