Kristen Stewart tops Forbes’ actress list

Even in Hollywood, the top-10 actresses get paid only about 55 percent of what the top-10 men earn.

But for movie stars, that’s still not too shabby.

On Forbes’ latest list of the highest-paid actresses, the new No. 1 is Kristen Stewart, who, thanks to a little series of films based on the Twilight books and her “Snow White and the Huntsman,” earned a hefty $34.5 million last year.

Still commanding big dollars in second place was Cameron Diaz at $34 million, followed by Sandra Bullock at $25 million, Angelina Jolie at $20 million and Charlize Theron at $18 million.

Veterans Julia Roberts ($16 million), Sarah Jessica Parker ($15 million) and Meryl Streep ($12 million) finished Nos. 6-8, then came Kristen Wiig ($12 million) and Jennifer Aniston ($11 million).

Good thing Aniston made money in television or how would she live?

Source: Philly

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