Kristen Stewart Thinks Robert Pattinson Won’t Find Another Love Like Hers

KRISTEN Stewart still isn’t over Robert Pattinson.

Although the actress famously cheated on Rob with director Rupert Sanders, Kristen is convinced that no matter who the hunky Brit is dating, their love was so special that it could “never, ever be replaced” — not even by Rob’s new flame, Dylan Penn.

“Even though Rob is dating, Kristen is convinced that what she and Rob had was one of a kind, that their love for each other was one of a kind and can never, ever be replaced,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Kristen still misses Rob, but finds comfort in knowing that what they shared was the best thing that ever happened to her.

“She knows deep down inside that Rob feels the same thing, and she will be forever grateful for their relationship.

“She knows she can’t compare herself to Dylan or to any other person that Rob is linked to. It’s hard not to, but knowing that Rob is happy gives her some piece of mind in a strange way. She will always love him no matter what.

“One of the reasons Rob likes Dylan so much is because of her quirky sense of humor. It’s funny because that’s what Rob liked so much about Kristen — her sense of humor.

“Rob also likes the fact that Dylan is so into music, all kinds of music. Like Kristen, Dylan certainly walks to the beat of her own drum.”

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