Kristen Stewart Shows Off Juggling Skills On ‘Lopez Tonight’

It seems like there’s very little fans won’t do to stay up on “Twilight” and the stars of the franchise. They camp out for days for the chance to scream at the stars on a red carpet and apparently make “Spider-Man” fans look like deadbeats. And this week, they stormed movie theaters, crushing box-office records in the process, to see the first glimpse of the third “Twilight” movie, “Eclipse.”

However, the star of the juggernaut, Kristen Stewart, recently unveiled a random hobby that few, not even the most devoted Twilighter, may have seen coming: juggling.In a recent episode of “Lopez Tonight,” Stewart flexed her carny skills and juggled three little balls in a segment called “Twilight’s Got Talent” (co-stars Billy Burke and Julia Jones also showed off some wacky skills later in the show). Although Stewart was a little rusty, the actress revealed that she had been brushing up on her juggling tricks because she and “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson were planning to bring some old-timey razzle-dazzle when they accepted their MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss trophy earlier this year.

“I knew vaguely how to do it before. I had to re-teach myself, because Rob almost convinced me that it was a good idea when we won the Best Kiss thing, because we needed to be more prepared this time or whatever, which we weren’t,” Stewart told Lopez.

Apparently, Rob and Kristen, who took home the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss last year as well, wanted to accept their award with a bang. “He wanted me to juggle, and he wanted to bring this bag of props onstage. He wanted to be hula-hooping with a match in his mouth, and he wanted me to be [juggling], which I would never be able to do, ’cause I couldn’t even walk to the stage without tripping,” Stewart said. “So I shot that one down.”

The episode was something of a family affair, as Stewart’s dad, who works on “Lopez Tonight” as a stage manager, exchanged some banter with his superstar kid. Stewart also assured Lopez that she can throw down in the kitchen and likes Mexican food (“chili verde, really good”).

While she briefly lamented being flocked by fans at the airport, the star insisted that Twilighters should never be afraid to approach her. “Fans are great,” Stewart said. “Come up anytime!”

Source: MTV

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