Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She Dyed Her Hair ‘Reddish Brown’

Kristen Stewart is used to all sorts of different hairstyles, having changed her hairdo drastically for her turn as Joan Jett in “The Runaways” opposite Dakota Fanning. But for her latest hair change, Stewart is going in the opposite direction from her “Runaways” style, looking instead for something brighter as she heads out “On the Road.”

“It’s kind of blond right now. Like, reddish brown. I’m doing it for ‘On the Road,’ ” she told MTV News on the red carpet for a special screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in New York on Monday night (June 28).

Stewart is taking a break from the supernatural world of “Twilight” for “On the Road,” based on the acclaimed 1957 novel from writer Jack Kerouac. The story follows Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), a youth who sets off on a cross-country road trip and meets a variety of notable characters, including the charismatic but deeply flawed Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund). Stewart will play Marylou, the on-again, off-again wife to Hedlund’s character. “Twilight” fans aren’t likely to get as passionate about Stewart’s fictional relationship with Hedlund as they are in taking sides between Team Edward and Team Jacob, but Stewart herself said she’s quite impressed with Hedlund as an actor.“I’ve met him a bunch of times, and I’ve hung out with him twice,” she said of her co-star. “He’s a great guy. … He’s written crazy stuff for it. He’s super into it. Not to sound … I don’t know how to put it. He’s, like, so in character, and he’s driving to Montreal. He’s awesome. I’m really, really excited.”

Stewart, Hedlund and Riley join actress Kirsten Dunst in the cast for “On the Road.” The film will be directed by Walter Salles and executive-produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

Source: MTV

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