Kristen Stewart reveals her 5 essential wardrobe pieces

The star, who embodies the Chanel Métiers d’art 2020-2021 collection shot by Juergen Teller, answered Vogue’s fashion questions.

Kristen Stewart was the only guest at the Chanel Métiers d’art 2020-2021 at the Château de Chenonceau. It was for this collection that Kristen Stewart was photographed by Juergen Teller. Modern muse of the Parisian house, the American actress has had a unique relationship with Chanel, ever since the Métiers d’art Paris-Dallas 2013-2014 campaign, of which she was the face.

Kristen Stewart played Gabrielle Chanel, known for her strong character, in Karl Lagerfeld ‘s short film, Once and Forever, shown in Rome during the presentation of the Métiers d’art 2015-2016 collection. We will also soon see her in the film Spencer, directed by Pablo Larraín, which traces the last moments of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s marriage, which will also showcase her link ties to Chanel. The first photos of Stewart in character as the People’s Princess show that she wears a Chanel coat from the Fall/Winter ready-to-wear 1988-1989 collection, which was worn by Lady Diana in Paris. Kristen Stewart, face of the Chanel Métiers d’art 2020-2021 collection shot by Juergen Teller, answered Vogue’s questions.

What are the values that you share with Chanel ?
K.S.: “The ambitious and personal vision that was Coco Chanels’ is sustained by the women I’ve come to know at the fashion house today. They carry that torch for her. I admire and am also fueled by that commitment to perspective. Their deep, sharp love of aesthetics and the audacity to express that truly… from somewhere equally as incommunicable and intimate is why I love Chanel’s whole story. I feel that in our exchange… our work together… we share and feed a particular hunger for expression. I am so grateful for that. ”

How would you describe the Métiers d’art collection, that you embody, in 3 words?
K.S: “Imagined, created and built by a woman.”

I felt rebellious and in character and also totally myself.

What is your first fashion memory?
K.S.: “My first fashion memory is probably a stressful one… although, having said that I think I was a very confident five-year-old. I was a “rockstar” on Career Day at Kindergarten. I remember distinctly feeling like maybe other parents didn’t think my “Kick butt first… take names later…” tee-shirt was as cool as I did. And I liked that feeling. I felt rebellious and in character and also totally myself. Clothes can do that for you. In a million directions. ”

Your most memorable Chanel outfit?
K.S.: “I loved wearing what I guess was a sort of iridescent rose and champagne-colored sequined pantsuit to the Cannes Film Festival. I felt so great in it. The carpets there are long. I felt like I could wear it forever. It was for the premier of The Clouds of Sils Maria… I was with Olivier (Assayas) and Juliette (Binoche) and I remember thinking… this is exactly right. All of this. ”

Which 5 pieces should a woman always have in her wardrobe?

  1. Pretty underwear is huge. The day you learn that, things change, imperceptibly. Not even for other people but for you. Such a nice touch.
  2. A pair of Levis that make you feel sexier than any dress you own.
  3. Something signature. Something like a leather jacket or something that always makes you feel like you nailed it. It could be anything… just something to covet. I feel like the right clothes take care of me. Like they’re pals. I love writing my name on things. I hate losing my stuff– if it doesn’t hurt to lose something… it’s not for me.
  4. A really nice robe. Not a towel. Something to wear in the house.
  5. Something sentimental. Something that actually belongs to a friend or someone you love. I love finding a jacket someone left and throwing it on.

Your ultimate style advice?
K.S.: “Do you.”

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