Kristen Stewart Opens To Nudity in Films

Kristen Stewart has often proved that she is among those actresses in the entertainment industry who loves to portray challenging roles. Whether it is her rebellious portrayal of Amy Cole in Camp X-Ray or Valentine in award-winning French film, Clouds of Sils Maria or her recently released Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk, she has always proved that she is not afraid to take any challenging roles.

It is often seen in the film industry that actress get embarrassed when they have to take their clothes off in front of the camera. According to Page Six, actresses like Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, and Julie Roberts have their own reasons for not doing any nude scenes.

At the same time, Kristen takes a different approach when it comes to cinema.

Many of Twilight fans were amazed after they saw Kristen going topless in On The Road. Her recently released film, Personal Shopper, showed her completely naked. Apparently, the actress does not feel weird about it.

Kristen Stewart, who was once in a relationship with her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson, recently opened about her nude scenes during an interview with W Magazine. In her conversation, she revealed that she was not tense when she had to act naked in front of the camera and the rest of the crew.

According to Stewart, Personal Shopper’s director Olivier Assayas’ easy-going attitude about the nudity help her to perform her best.

“I wasn’t apprehensive. I feel super great with director Olivier [Assayas], as well. The scenes in which I don’t have clothes on or the scenes that seem ‘risqué’ from an outsider’s perspective, there was no acknowledgment on his part.”

It does not mean that the actress will go nude in every future film. For her, the story of the film matters the most, and she will only perform a nude scene when she feels nudity has a place in the story, and it will have a proper impact on the viewers.

In Personal Shopper, Stewart portrayed Maureen, a young American in Paris who is employed as a personal shopper and assistant to Kyra (played by Nora Von Waltstätten), a demanding German supermodel. Being nude in this film was a new way for Stewart to perform. But, she further explained that her racy scenes were a part of her characters journey and how she realized her own worth.

“I’m really unashamed, but within the context of the story, there’s a lot of shame,” she further added. “It’s kind of nice to see someone stripped and bare, totally bare. There’s a strength in it.”

Stewart’s Personal Shopper was screened at Cannes in May and is scheduled to release worldwide on December 14, 2016. For her portrayal of Maureen, The Guardian stated that Kristen had done a tremendous job.

“She [Kristen] is entirely devoted to her smartphone, which is to be the conduit of her fears and there is a dash of pure Hitchcockian brilliance in a scene where she turns it on and a backlog of texts starts mounting up, bringing danger ever closer.

Source: Inquistr

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