Kristen Stewart- Magically transformed once the camera lights up!

If you think Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is a far cry from her on screen character Bella Swan, you are wrong.

Like Bella, Kristen also wants to settle down in life someday, though she has no plan to get married right now.

The sexy actress further revealed that her parents are happily married and she has been heavily inspired by their ideals of marriage.

Well it seems that Kristen is a serious deviation from regular Hollywood heroines. While 20 something Hollywood actresses almost get a heart attack while hearing the term ‘marriage’  Kristen seems to be pretty clued in about her future.

Well the actress with milk and peaches complexion is different from conventional Hollywood heroines. While most of them appear to be confident off screen, Kristen is painfully awkward.

She has been heavily criticized by the media for her clumsiness off screen but no one has the guts to say a word about her acting.

No matter how much shy or clumsy is she off screen, Kristen magically transforms once thecamera lights up.

All her awkwardness vanishes and she adopts her on-screen character like a second skin.

Well, kudos to that.

Source: Entertainment & Showbiz

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