Kristen Stewart Isn’t Trying To Hook Up With Zac Efron: ‘He’s Too Buff’

Reports suggested the actress was ready to move on from Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart isn’t interested in Zac Efron according to insiders, despite reports this week claiming the gorgeous Twilight star is “pursuing” the hunk following her split from Robert Pattinson.

Kristen has been single since splitting from long-term love Rob back in May but for a minute it sounded like the actress was ready to put herself back on the dating market. According to a new report the Twilight star hasn’t been put off romancing a fellow actor as she’s allegedly keen on starting something with High School Musical hottie Zac.

“Kristen’s relationship with Rob was so tense,” a source has claimed to Star Magazine. “She’s ready to have a good time, and wants to date a completely different type of guy.”

Zac, who hasn’t had a serious girlfriend since his long-term relationship with HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens, could be just what Kristen is looking for: “He’s a bit of a playboy,” the source said of Zac. “So he wants to keep his partying lifestyle intact. He’s not looking for anything emotional, and Kristen doesn’t want anything serious. This could work out great for both of them.”

But don’t get too excited as it looks like ‘Zacsten’ were over before they even begun! A new report has slammed the original romance rumours, insisting that Zac is about as far from KStew’s ideal man as you could get.

“Kristen like every other girl in the world thinks that Zac Efron is hot but she isn’t actively pursuing him,” the source tells HollywoodLife.

“He’s actually too buff,” the source adds. “She likes skinnier and more the hipster type of guys. Don’t hold your breath for this relationship to ever happen.”

Is there such a thing as too buff Kristen?

Source: Entertainment Wise

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