Kristen Stewart Interviews with Madame Figaro Mag

Below are the translated interview of Kristen Stewart with Madame FIGARO magazine.

Kristen Stewart: “I am pretty easy going”

The heroine of Twilight, became Chanel muse, without complex ventures into the land of independent cinema. In American Ultra, she pulls like a pro.

Madam FIGARO For you, “holiday” rhymes with …?

Kristen Stewart. – Between the different filming and preparations that lead me around the world, my favorite point of fall, this is my home in Los Angeles. Although the climate is not ideal there, I love to welcome my friends for endless evenings.

Do not leave home without …?

My iPhone … As everybody.

The secret to a good holiday?

Especially not to develop complex projects and stay in improvisation.

Your tip to disconnect?

I found the balance between my private life and my job, I do not ask myself, since I feel on vacation all year.

Your main character trait?

Younger, I preferred to melt into the background, I was so shy. Today I find myself rather personable and easygoing.

The one which you are least proud of?

Stubborn, inflexible.

The one you hate in others?

Falsehood, insincerity.

The day you decide to become an actress?

I almost born in a film studio in Hollywood with my parents (note: her mother is screenwriter, and father TV producer), but I wanted to look like anything but a child actress. I still started at the age of 9 in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. And at the age of 15, I committed myself in each of my roles and never cheat.

To prepare American Ultra, what you needed?

I trained in the use of guns, worked on the screenplay for forty-eight hours and believes staunchly in this espionage tall tale.

What surprised you when you received the César for Best Supporting Actress for Sils Maria ?

My headset had ceased to function, I was hovering in meditative mode, when I heard Juliette Binoche screaming my name. I woke up. Once I mounted the stage, I was shaking like a leaf, unable to grasp the trophy handed me JoeyStarr …

Your tip against stress?

I breathe.

Your living hero?

Julianne Moore (note: she played the daughter in Still Alice ), greatly inspired me. And my mother.

The three basics of your wardrobe?

A t-shirt, jeans, a pair of sneakers.

For you, elegance, is it?

A French woman, eminently natural.

For you, vulgarity, is it?

Neither words nor ugly insults. In fact, it is an attitude that does not affect me.

What the crisis has changed at home?

With what I saw and opportunity that is mine, it is hard for me to talk about.

The gift you offer often?

Good food.

In summer, what do we find in your suitcase?

Nothing special, but a book Girl in a Band, the autobiography of Kim Gordon, bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth.

The place that you like?

My house. This is my cocoon.

Who would you meet on the beach?

My family and my group of friends.

American Ultra , Nima Nourizadeh. In theaters on August 19th [in France].

Source: LeFigaro

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