Kristen Stewart Interview with Top Teen

What did it mean to you to play a new version of a princess that is very different from what we’re used to seeing?
I don’t think we have a clear idea anymore about what a princess should be like. We think of them as women who don’t have to do anything, who don’t have to think, and people do everything for them because they’re pretty. In this story, Snow White is a more than capable character, she engages in battles, etc.

Are you as brave as Snow White? What should our readers do to be brave?
I try to be, to be honest. But the answer varies with each person because we all do different things, which should always be true to yourself, and never being ashamed of who you are. We have to be capable to deal with every day, carry on, instead of turning around and compare yourself to another girl. Just be yourself. It doesn’t look like it’s easy but it is.

Are women vindicated in their roles in fairy tales thanks to SW?
Yes, definitely. In the original sotry SW was presented as the perfect woman. Here she’s a matriarc; she does more than sing to birds and clean.

What qualities should a boy have to be a perfect prince?
He must be cute, fun, strong (laughs). No, I think he needs to be honest and dependable.

The concept of beauty is mentioned a lot in the movie, what’s your concept of true beauty?
It’s more than just shining for others. You need to have the perfect face to be beautiful. Being ugly or beautiful is a matter of energy, and true beauty comes from the heart. You can’t hide who you are; ultimately it’s going to show.What’s your favorite place in the world?
I’m from LA, and I think it’s wonderful because we have forests, beaches, suburbs. We have the most beautiful sunsets. My favorite place in the world is my house.

Which book do you love that you would like to be involved in its adaptation?
Lie Down in Darkness, by William Styron. It’s an amazing story, maybe one day.

How has your life changed since the last time you came to Mexico?
The last time I came here was to promote Eclipse with Taylor Lautner (note from Vale: It was actually for New Moon, Kris!), and it was hard for me to deal with people, you could see it in my face. But this trip has been more relaxed, I’ve enjoyed it more, I don’t feel so far away from home. I love Mexican food, and I can cook some. I would love to go out and walk outside, but I can’t.

Your mom directed K-11 with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo (Note from Vale: Kate is one of Mexico’s most famous and loved actresses, with a very long and impressive career) did you get to meet her?
Yeah, she’s great, very open and cool. Mom was very lucky to work with an actress like her. She looks great on her motorcycle.

What makes you happy about being famous, and what doesn’t make you very happy?
The bets part is that I get to share feelings with people. With the director, with actors, with the very loud and passionate fans screaming outside for me. Sharing their love for something as big as Twilight. But I hate it when people are mad at you when you refuse to sell a part of your life. If they don’t like it they can f*ck themselves. I can’t stand actresses who think that outside of their work they deserve all the attention and admiration.

Source: Revista Topteen

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