Kristen Stewart Injured on the Set of Snow White and the Huntsman!

Being the fairest of them all can come in handy for a lot of things—although protecting against injury apparently isn’t one of them.

According to her costar, filming on the much-anticipated Snow White and the Huntsman was forced to shut down early today when leading lady Kristen Stewart was hurt in an accident on set.

So what happened? And is our beloved K.Stew going to be all right?

First things first: Robert Pattinson‘s better half is going to be just fine (and…exhale!).

“It’s a wrap for today,” Max Manganello, who plays one of the duke’s soldiers in the flick, tweeted this morning.

(Incidentally, the tweet has since seemingly been removed from his feed…let the conspiracy theories begin).

Kristen has hurt herself…nothing scary,” he continued. “We shoot on friday.”

Unfortunately, there were no further details on what, exactly, went down, and his subsequent decision to pull the tweet certainly suggests that the powers that be didn’t want the information out in public to begin with.

In any case, glad to hear Kristen will be back to work in just a few days’ time. And when she does, we’d suggest she keep an extra eye or two (we’re looking at you, dwarves) on that Evil Queen.

Source: E Online

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