Kristen Stewart has a wolf-dog hybrid

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has an unusual pet – a wolf-dog hybrid, which she has named Jack.

The “Twilight” star admits having a wolf-mix breed as a pet, and the animal is “hard to take care of”, reports hollywoodnews.

“This is my pet; this is Jack. He’s our oldest male. I know he looks kind of scary, he’s a wolf. He’s really sweet, he, like, falls at my feet,” Kristen said.

“They (pet sellers) told us he was a wolf. I don’t know what kind of wolf he is. They are wolf-dogs; they are hybrids. It’s my mom’s deal. Maybe it was a bit of empty nest syndrome, she wanted more children – because they really are hard to take care of. She likes them. Wolf hybrids are legal,” she added.

Source: India Times

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