Kristen Stewart Gets a Sexy, Older Dwarf as Her Guide in Snow White

Who wouldn’t want to lead Kristen Stewart through the perils of a fantasy world?

Sorry, Robert Pattinson, turns out you’re slightly too young for this role.

But don’t fret, as it was announced yesterday that K.Stew will have sexy veteran actor Ian McShane to lead her through a forest filled with wicked witches and dangerous dudes.

McShane, who is regular height in real life, will be playing Caesar, leader of the dwarves in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

And with McShane’s latest flick Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides setting sail out of theatres, which of his Pirates costars will he be reuniting with for Snow White?

Hate to dampen your spirits, mateys, but it ain’t Johnny Depp!

McShane, who is more or less the equivalent of the classic, animated Snow White’s Doc, will be starring onscreen alongside his more clean-shaven Pirates costar Sam “Prince Charmant” Claflin.

Reunited and it feels so good! But whatever one Snow White project does, the other must follow…and try to one up.

Relativity’s Untitled Snow White project has snatched up real-life dwarf, Martin Kebble aka Pirates’ Marty to play (you guessed it!) one of Snow’s seven shorter confidants.

And although both films are looking to be reinterpretations of the Grimm’s faiy-tale classic, Relativity’s Snow White will be taking a more comedic, adventure route while Universal’s Huntsman is looking to be darker and more into the romance. (We’re guessing they’ll pit Stewart’s Snow between Prince Claflin and Huntsman Chris Hemsworth.)

Hmmm, sounds a little like another onscreen love triangle involving K.Stew, no?

And while the Untitled Snow White project has completed its principal casting and has already begun shooting, Universal’s will begin in August. Both films are slated for a 2012 release, Relativity’s in March and Universal’s in June.

May the best Snow White win!

Source: E Online

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