Kristen Stewart Does Photo Shoot for Magazine

Kristen Stewart did a photo shoot for an unnamed magazine, which is what people believed she was going to do when she left her boyfriend Robert Pattinson in Canada after only a couple of days. None of the new pictures have been released and the name of the magazine is also being kept under wraps, but people are very curious to find out the details!

So how do people know that she did do a major photo shoot to begin with? Why social networking sites of course! “Worked with actress Kristen Stewart today. so gorgeous & so f-ing cool.

Was this a hint that the shoot was with Taylor Lautner? It’s very possible! It’s going to be interesting to see these photos and to learn which magazine they are for. So far it’s been a big secret (to some extent), which is making people super anxious to find out what it’s all about! How exciting!

Source: Gather

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