Kristen Stewart ‘Can’t Wait’ To See ‘Hunger Games’

Kristen Stewart is no stranger to being the female lead of a beloved franchise. In her role as Bella Swan, she became a household name. Now, it seems that she may be passing that baton on to Jennifer Lawrence as “The Hunger Games” opens on Friday.

When Stewart stopped by the “Today” show on Monday (March 19), she opened up about what she expects might happen for Lawrence and her “Hunger Games” crew (which includes Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth), now that they are just days away from launching the next big thing in movie franchises.

“It gets very crazy and everyone instantly, the question is ‘Are you going to be able to handle it? Is this something you want?’ But you look at those actors and you kind of can tell why they’re doing what they’re doing, and it’s so obvious that no one signed on to the project to do the next big thing,” she explained. “And I think that’s the coolest way to see something get big and, you know, hopefully would love them to be happy in doing what they’re doing.”

Also, it seems that Stewart is a bit of a fan of them as well. She added, “I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Stewart still has one movie left in the “Twilight Saga,” with “Breaking Dawn Part 2” opening in November. A trailer and a tease for that film will play ahead of “The Hunger Games” in theaters. And Stewart may be on the verge of another set of blockbusters with “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which opens June 1 and could become a multiple-film franchise itself.

Source: MTV

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