Kristen Stewart: Being Pregnant With a Demon Baby Was “Very Relatable”

Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon has already dished that Kristen Stewart‘s gone into full Bella mode for the last Twilight flick.

So we totally trust that K. Stew’s gonna rock the role, but the big question on every Twi-hard’s mind is: How is K gonna pull off this weirdo pregnancy…demon birth and all?

Well K.S. had a different, and seemingly peaceful, take on the strange situation when she dished at Comic-Con about the super-anticipated scenes…

“If you take the fact that everyone thinks it’s a demon inside of her and everyone thinks that she shouldn’t be having it and she’s the only one that does, it’s actually a very relatable, easy to play story,” K.Stew explained to our own Ben Lyons when asked about her new maternal role in Breaking Dawn.

Well that’s an interesting perspective, K.

And from what she dished, it sounds like a helluva lot of prep work went into shooting these much chatted-about birthing scenes, too. “Logistically speaking and getting the baby out, it took two days to shoot that. It was pretty crazy because it’s really not your typical birth.”

Our imaginations are running wild! It’s gonna be grotesque for sure. And yet, we can’t wait to see it.

But even Kristen wasn’t necessarily eager to rush the traumatic experience, adding, “Sometimes you shoot something in five weeks and you do feel like it’s been ripped from you a little bit, but this has been the most indulgent experience I could ever imagine.”

Thought don’t worry about K.Stew getting down in the dumps after wrapping her “indulgent” role as Bella. She’s moved onto newer pastures. Like filming Snow White in London!

The shy star seems psyched about embracing her new role: “She’s an incredible character, she’s a hero. She’s got an unbelievable ability to focus energy that I’m excited to play.” Thrilled to be shedding the needs-to-be-saved Bella role, is she?

Stewart goes on to say that her character’s “just a full-on crazy, prisoner girl who has to recapture her kingdom. It’s so cool.” Slightly different from Disney’s saved-by-the-prince version, no?

Well, duh, the undoubtedly kickass K. Stew would have it no other way! But for audience’s sake, just don’t rush the filming, got that?

Source: E Online

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