Kristen Stewart and Director Pablo Larrain on Spencer and Why So Many Cared About Diana

With Spencer arriving in theaters on November 5th, I recently spoke with Kristen Stewart and director Pablo Larrain about their Princess Diana film. While based on real people and actual events, Steven Knight’s script imagines what might have happened during a weekend celebrating the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate when Diana decided to leave Prince Charles and the royal family. Featuring one of Kristen Stewart’s best performances, the film has been getting fantastic reviews and I’d be surprised if her work and the film isn’t one of the players come award season.

During the interview, Kristen Stewart and Pablo Larrain talked about why they think Diana has remained in the spotlight even so many years after she died, if Stewart’s own history with the paparazzi helped her prepare for the role, how Larrain decided on the aesthetic choices in the film like the way he wanted the camera to move and Johnny Greenwood’s score, how Stewart prepares for an important scene and her process as an actor, and more.

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