Kristen Stewart Almost Did Not Get Cast For ‘Sils Maria’

Kristen Stewart received praise for her role in “Cloud of Sils Maria” when it was shown earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival. The reviews said that the role was made for her. Kristen Stewart, who is known for her role in “Twiight” film series as Isabella, has shared that she was not at all confident that she would land the role.

In an interview with Vanity Fair France, Kristen Stewart has shared what it was like to be cast as Valentine, a personal assistant to an uptight boss going through a career dilemma, and how at first, she thought she would not bag the role. She believes that the stars aligned for her so she ended-up playing the role that she most wanted to play.

“The stars aligned in that fateful way that they do. Because movies can sometimes be insurmountable mountains you never know if you are going to get across. I thought I wasn’t going to get this part because there was a mix-up in communication,” the the actress said.

Kristen Stewart said that she was “terrified” that she was not going to get the part, as “Olivier had already re-cast it. But there wasn’t any world in which I wouldn’t play that part.”

“I asked Olivier, “Please get on Skype with me.” He thought I was talking about the part of the [scandalous] young actress, played by Chloe [Moretz]. I was like, “No, that’s impossible, I could never play that part.” The only part I could play is Valentine, the assistant. Luckily something shifted and it all worked out,” she told Vanity Fair France.

.In the interview, Kristen Stewart also spilled details about the French-American mix-up, with her agent and the producer. The actress had not read the script and her producer, Charles Gillibert, thought that she was not interested in doing the role.

“He figured that, had I liked it, I would’ve jumped at it, which is a natural thing that actors do. When I saw him later he was, like, “I think it’s surprising you didn’t respond to Sils.” I was like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Luckily it all fell into place,” the “Twlight” star said.

Good thing she did, because in the film, Kristen Stewart has certainly shown her acting chops. Variety called her the “most compellingly watchable American actress of her generation” because of her performance.

Source: IB Times

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