Kristen Chills in L.A. Heat, While Rob Flies Home

While Robert Pattinson made his way back from London to LAX last night, Kristen Stewart may have already been back in Los Angeles braving the heat like only a real cool chick could do.

After finishing up duties for On the Road in Arizona, K.Stew was spotted at Peet’s Coffee yesterday in Studio City by a reliable star-hanger who “swears” it was the fab chick. K-doll wore a black tee, black jeans, flip flops, no makeup and no sunglasses.

God love this girl! No shades? Hollywood take note, this is the real attitude of a star:

Our spy was standing behind the tiny babe in line where she ordered a large ice tea to go by herself. As soon as our source got to the counter he looked at the dude behind it and said, “You know who that was, don’t you?”

“Who?” replied the guy who took Stewart’s order.

“The girl from Twilight.”

“I don’t go for that vampire crap,” said the guy, rather matter-of-factly.

In fact we’re told “no one” recognized Kristen, or at least, no one went up and harassed her.

Too funny!

People all over the world are dying for a glimpse of K.Stew and here’s a guy who spent some time chatting with her and had no friggin’ clue who she was. No wonder K. likes it in the Valley so much.

After she got her tea, Kristen casually walked out of the coffee shop and hopped into a “very retro” white convertible and drove (herself) off.

Hopefully she was getting her and Rob’s secret spot ready, since he got back in town from London last night with Tom Sturridge.

So, sorry, despite a few reports out there Kristen was not on the same flight as Rob and Tom. Girlfriend was already back here waiting for her man to return. Loves!

Source: E Online

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