Karl Lagerfeld’s “Once and Forever” BTS Videos + Photos

In his filmmaker guise, Karl Lagerfeld brings out the salt — and vinegar — in Kristen Stewart.

While typecast by some for aloofness, the “Twilight” and “Still Alice” actress is all combustible emotion in “Once and Forever,” the 11-minute movie Lagerfeld plans to screen in Rome on Dec. 1 in tandem with Chanel’s latest Métiers d’Art collection.

Tender one minute, exploding with anger and expletives the next, Stewart portrays a fiery young actress brought in to portray a young Gabrielle Chanel in a biopic — only to lock horns with practically everyone on the set. She reserves her affection only for the legendary fashion character she impersonates — and her costar Geraldine Chaplin, who reprises her role as the designer in her twilight years. [Source]

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