Juliette Binoche Talks About Kristen & Reunion

Lina Martins [Juliette’s personal assistant] looks like Kristen Stewart? 

(Laughs) No, Lina is Portuguese, has rather my age and almost 20 years ago that is my personal assistant. There has been a hiatus of two or three years, because she wanted to write, and I was already a bit of air. But now he’s back home. It is an extremely close relationship that mixes friendship and work . And it’s not always easy. It’s a bit like a relationship, but now, after all this time, we are more like sisters.

Is it true that ‘Sils Maria’ was his idea?

Yes, but only the original idea. I was eager to return to work with Assayas, because rolling ‘Summer hours’ (2008) I found it very shy, distant, and felt that still we could do something good together. So I called him to talk about the characters, and he became her script. It was he who had the idea of turning them into a mature actress, his assistant and the young actress who plays Chloë Grace Moretz.

So this Assayas film is a portrait of Juliette Binoche?

Rather, the idea was that among the four (Olivier, Kristen, Chloe and I), talk of the profession that we know firsthand, with some humor and from an ironic distance. And I don’t think that my character is particularly inspired in me. For starters, she has no children and have them changes everything. It forces you to ask yourself for what we are made, and how to participate in the world.

You usually convey much pain through the screen. 

Who does not suffer in life? I think actors are needed to reflect that suffering, and I imagine that’s why they call me, to be the catalyst that transforms suffering. In movies where I work, but the end is very tragic, always need a glimmer of hope. He was for example to work on ‘The Childhood of a Leader’, the debut behind the camera of Brady Corbet, who is a brilliant actor, but it was too dark.  Wear a few very hard, deep and transcendental movies, and I want to take a rotation . So in return I will be in ‘The Big Shoe’ by Steven Shainberg, the director of ‘ Secretary ‘(2002). It will be much more fun, plus I reunite with Kristen. I think I have a comic to discover potential. At 50 I start my second life. 

Source: Fotogramas

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