‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ Filming Details

Someone from ONTD were at the filming of Kimmel’s show.

Here’s what she had to say:

  • They had a Q&A for the second portion of the show and just some of the questions people asked were really stupid. Actually, most of them were pretty stupid.
  • The interview was entertaining. Jimmy interviewed them first and there was a Q&A after which had it’s WTF moments, but was still fun for the most part.

Questions that were asked:

  • is Rob’s misbuttoning on purpose or a fashion statement (their faces for this were priceless),
  • what was Kristen’s favorite book,
  • someone asked for Taylor’s shirt,
  • someone asked Kristen if she had gotten a flu shot which freaked her out because apparently she got one the day before…
  • Someone asked when was the last time Rob cried and why, which seemed like a stupid question but his answer made it totally worth it.
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