Jillian Dempsey Describe Kristen’s Make Up Routine at Camp X Ray Premiere

Want to make up like Kristen Stewart from Camp X Ray New York Premiere? Read the tips from Kristen’s makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey when she described the look she created for Kristen for the premiere. If you are interested in what kind of make up tools Jillian used on Kristen, you can view them at the source. The website will roughly guide you through.

At the same time, enjoy the lovely portraits and interview from Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey.

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“Sultry, edgy, lash-y,” makeup artist Jillian Dempsey says, when we asked her to describe the look she created for Kristen Stewart at the New York premiere of Stewart’s new movie, Camp X-Ray. “The look is pretty lash-y, don’t you think? Her eyes are so expressive—I definitely wanted to play them up.” And play them up, she did. Stewart’s final eye makeup look was an ethereal combination of inky black eyeliner, an iridescent smoky eye, and a full, lush fringe—a smoky eye from our haziest daydreams.

“I walked into the room, and [Stewart] was just finishing getting a haircut,” Dempsey reveals. “Her cut is so incredible—it had that perfect David Bowie-esque, androgynous thing going on.” The short, swingy cut by hairstylist Giannandrea inspired Dempsey to focus on one of Stewart’s defining features: her eyes. “When I originally went into the job, I thought I would be doing some sort of ‘60s look on her,” Dempsey reveals. “That was before I saw the cut, so it’s always a good lesson to learn that, as a makeup artist, you can never really arrive with a pre-conceived notion of what you want to do.”The one thing Stewart isn’t exactly prone to, however? “She has to really be in the mood for a red lip,” Dempsey laughs. “I have to forewarn her if I’m thinking of doing one—it’s too much maintenance and a big commitment for the evening.” We see the logic in that, but we also can’t think of a better person than Stewart to pull off a lived-in, smudged, IDGAF lipstick look on a red carpet—something to look forward to in the future, perhaps?

Honestly, I’m a fan of Jillian natural and smokey makeup.

Read more of the interview @ the source.

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