Is It Really Over? Rob Packs Up and Leaves Kristen’s House With His Two Dogs

In the wake of this weekend’s split news, Robert Pattinson was spotted taking a truckload full of belongings as well as his two dogs out of Kristen Stewart’s LA home yesterday. Rob had his pups, Bear and Bernie, in the passenger seat next to him as he left Kristen’s gated community, and the bed of his truck was filled with a suitcase and several trash bags. He made the stop by Kristen’s home after news broke this weekend that Robert and Kristen had broken up. Neither star has commented on the status of their relationship — the two are famously private about their dating history — but sources have noted that they may be back together in no time.

According to a previous report, Rob and Kristen are spending time apart in their separate houses after they didn’t get together to celebrate Rob’s 27th birthday last week. One source claimed that Rob skipped the party that Kristen planned for his big day, while another report claimed that Rob had a private bash at his own house, which Kristen didn’t attend. The two looked like they were in good spirits, though, earlier this month when they flew out of NYC together following Kristen’s appearance at the 2013 Met Gala.

Source: Popsugar

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