‘Happiest Season’: Watch Mackenzie Davis’ A+ Kristen Stewart Impression

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis were both attached to Happiest Season for a full year before the film went into production. Having seen the movie now, it’s a good thing they were able to hold out for that green light because I can’t imagine anyone else in those lead roles. Stewart and Davis play Abby and Harper, respectively.

They’re in a loving relationship, but that connection is put to the test when the holidays roll around. Harper invites Abby to go home with her for Christmas, but it isn’t until they’re on their way there that Harper reveals that she isn’t out to her family just yet, putting Abby in a mighty complicated position.

Happiest Season is an utter delight and if you need more convincing before watching it on Hulu on November 26th, just click here to check out Matt Goldberg’s review. With the movie’s release right around the corner, I got the chance to chat with the cast of the film including Stewart and Davis who walked me through what went down during that waiting period and highlighted what they appreciated most about each other so much as scene partners. On top of that, Stewart also spoke a bit about what she learned from director Clea DuVall that she hopes to bring to her own feature directorial debut. Check it all out in this interview!

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