GQ Cover for Kristen?

27 days and counting until the New Moon premiere WOOOOOOOO!!!!

A ton of publications featuring the cast are set to hit newsstands in the coming weeks. Kristen Stewart is gracing the covers of several mags including Allure, Seventeen, GQ and Interview. And of course, there’s the usual smattering of TwiGossip in all the gossip rags, but this Chik doesn’t like to patronize the paparazzi so I don’t buy ‘em – most of the pics can be found elsewhere anyhoo.

Some of the lesser known (for now) stars of The Twilight Saga have been doing some interviews and sharing great behind the scenes info. Jackson Rathbone, who plays the long-suffering reluctant veggie vamp Jasper Hale, says on Eclipse “It’s actually the first time Bella and Jasper interact that’s longer than one sentence, or me attacking her. Kristen and I kept saying it was really nice to get to work together because we had never had a chance to really, kind of, like, get into some dialogue.” Read the entire interview on MTV.Kellan Lutz, aka Emmett Cullen super jock vamp and boy toy to bitchy vampette Rosalie Hale, says we can expect a lot more action in Eclipse “We’re doing some really intense (stunts) – ratchets and pulleys and magic carpets and stuff. It’s great to be allowed to do some more extreme things than some of the other actors”. He also shared an interesting fan encounter “A kind of “out there” scenario was when a fan asked if she could handcuff herself to me. I thought she was joking but she whipped out handcuffs. It’s adorable, though. They are just so in love with the franchise and the books and the characters.” (how cute is he? I wish to bite his dimples) Shockingly, that fan was not me, although I would like to find out who it was and thank her for the fabulous idea. You can read the entire article here.

With the New Moon premiere less than a month away, I am naturally trying to decide on my ensemble for the evening. Empress Eve of Doom and I will be attending a special charity premiere event benefiting Alex’s Lemonade Stand and must be in our vampy best (at least I must, Eve will probably just point and laugh at me all night, but tis what lifetime friends are for, no?). Well thanks to Nordstrom and Hot Topic, we don’t have to look very far. Nordstrom’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon Exclusive Fashion Collection was released last week and includes such cute pieces as Team Edward and Team Jacob t’s and tanks, as well as a very cute Bella-esque plaid tunic. I’d totally wear most of the stuff…okay, I already own 4 of the t’s okay, yes I know I’m over 40, but hey, I’ve got a body better than some teenagers and a mind that is definitely still in my 20’s so I don’t want to hear any crap.

The bag clips and jewelry pieces are adorable, particularly Jacob’s motorcycle pendant…unfortunately, Jake is not included. Of course, you could just purchase the life-size standing cutouts of Jake and Edward, and what you do with them behind closed doors is none of my business…of course, I request the same stipulation…did someone say threesome…nope nope, not me. Just sayin’…but I digress…if you want to get a peep at the entire collection, click on over to Nordstrom and have a look-see.

Hot Topic has lots of different t’s as well as fun stuff like hoodies, wallets, rubber bracelets, and jewelry. I have procured several of the shirts, as well as the Edward Masen ring, Bella’s Cullen Crest ring, Vampire Girl cuff, and some nifty bookmarks for my fourth read through of the Twilight Saga. Go ahead, snicker if you wish, my kids think I’m the coolest mom ever. One of my favorite items up for grabs is the replica of Bella’s green party dress – yes, the one she wears when she almost becomes Jasper’s dinner at her very own birthday party. I want this in the worst way, but 98 bucks…really Hot Topic, come on now. Give the Hot Topic website a once over to check out everything else New Moon.

Source: Geeks of Doom

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