Fan Encounter Talks About Sils Maria Filming Details

The hotel sommelier was an extra, they repeated the same scenes 18 times.

For the 12 year old Nadine, a huge Kristen Stewart fan, a dream came true as an extra. She’s very proud of her pictures with her and the signed picture with a personal dedication. She says that it was a unique experience which she won’t forget that soon. She even got to touch her. When the reporter asks her what it was like touching Kristen, she says “Great!”. “And you’re sure she’s not a vampire?”, wheron she answers “Yes, absolutely.”

Filming was a top secret and all the extras were sworn to absolute secrecy. Shooting took place in the salon during the nights, from 11pm till 7am in the morning. The hardest part was trying to stay awake, which was quite exhausting.

The hotel patron Felix Dietrich was surprised that the Hollywood stars didn’t give themselves airs and graces. They were actually very normal and modest, but very professional. They were prepared while shooting and didn’t joke around. On the other hand they were laughing and dancing during their free time.

The film is expected to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Source: Tagesanzeiger

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