Ed Westwick Thinks Kristen Stewart is Gorgeous!!

In a recent interview on PopSugar, Gossip Girl’s sexy Aussie Ed Westwick talked about ‘Chuck Bass’ and clarified his views on Kristen Stewart.

According to Westwick, Chuck will go through a rough patch in the fourth season of Gossip Girl. For starters we know that although he got shot in the alley he won’t die, I can’t imagine Gossip Girl without the swagger-full witty character of Chuck Bass. Moreover he will be very alienated, like a new Chuck that we know nothing about, with a lot of new gorgeous love interests.

When asked whether Chuck Bass and Blair (Leighton Meester) will ever get back together, Ed said that they are two character caught out from the same cloth, they are star-crossed lovers. Certainly that’s sad news, but I think it’s good for both characters to stay apart for awhile.

Moreover, Ed told PopSugar that he doesn’t know why everyone was mad at him for saying Kristen Stewart is not his type and he clarified that by saying that she is a “great, great, great, girl who is gorgeous and talented”. I think after hearing that, all you Kristen-Lovers should stop hating on Ed. He also jokingly said that he and Rob should play brothers in Breaking Dawn.

Are you excited to watch the upcoming season of Gossip Girl?

Source: Waleg

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