Dove Cameron mentions Kristen in Gay Times Interview

Tossing our favourite cultural moments back and forth, we both settle on common ground: the infallible Kristen Stewart. “Oh my god, that changed my life dude. It changed my fucking life,’ she laughs. “I grew up in love with her not knowing what that meant. I always knew I wasn’t straight, but there were still a bunch of things for me to unpack and untangle.” It seems even mega-famous stars are not immune to the wayward charm of the 30-year-old actress. “I didn’t know wanting to be Kristen Stewart really meant that I was in love with Kristen Stewart. I couldn’t yet tell the difference. I worship the ground that she walks on. I want to be her best friend. Oh wait, I’m in love with her!”

When her beloved icons, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne, became more visible, Dove started “questioning if I could do that,” she says. “It was the beginning of a bookmark in my brain thinking. ‘Wait a minute, can I live life honestly in the public eye – is that something that’s publicly available to me?”

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