Chad Hudson Talks About ‘New Moon’ Premiere

Chad Hudson, a Event planner has talk about details for ‘New Moon’ Premiere.

Q-What exciting premieres do you have coming up?
A-“Tommy, you know the biggest event we are working on right now is the ‘New Moon’ premiere and after party for Summit Entertainment. It’s the second film to launch from the Twilight series of books and one of the most anticipated movies of the year. ‘New Moon” buzz is much bigger than ‘Twilight’ was, which we worked on that premiere last year as well. ‘New Moon’ is so big the studio has expanded the premiere to include three theaters and a party for 1800 guests. We are also working on the Trevor Project annual gala fundraiser and several private events around the holidays.”

Q-For our readers, please explain what exactly does your company do?
A-“CHE is a full-service event design, production and management company. We do everything for our clients from locating a venue, designing the party décor, choosing rentals, selecting the menu, handling RSVPs, staffing, etc… We also have a publicity and promotions arm where we can help launch companies or manage press for our clients. We can produce events as small as 20 or as large as 20,000. Our Web site give a bigger overview of what all we do.” Q-How much preparation goes into preparing for big events?
A-“Tommy, we like as much lead time as possible, but we have had to pull together major events in record time. For example, we were hired to produce the ‘Twilight’ premiere after-party last year two weeks out from the event date. We worked around the clock to make it happen and it was an incredible event. [See photos] For other events, we enjoy a much larger timeline to plan. We’ve been working on a large scale private event on the east coast for the past six moths.”

Q-How did you get involved in this field?
A-“By accident actually. [Laughing] I studied psychology in college and I’m so glad that I did because it really has helped me deal with people in this town! But once I moved to Los Angeles, I really wanted to be involved in entertainment, but wasn’t sure how. I tried out several fields, from being an actor, an agent, a television development

Source: Canyon News

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