‘Certain Women’ and ‘Personal Shopper’ Will Screen at New Zealand International Film Festival!

Laura Dern, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart are beautifully attuned to Meek’s Cutoff director Kelly Reichardt’s intimately observed, interwoven tales of three independent women in contemporary small town Montana.
  • JUL 15 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • JUL 19 Tuesday1:45 PM
  • JUL 24 Sunday 8:00 PM
  • JUL 26 Tuesday 2:00 PM
Kristen Stewart reunites with Clouds of Sils Maria director Oliver Assayas to play a young American in Paris, buying haute couture for her celebrity boss, and seeking contact with the spirit of her dead twin brother.
  • JUL 26 Tuesday 9:00 PM
  • JUL 27 Wednesday 1:15 PM
  • JUL 28 Thursday 8:45 PM
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