Celebrity Stylist Tara Swennen Talks Kristen!

Celebrity stylist Tara Swennen mention Kristen during an interview with The Wrap!

“You try to make it a thematic story, again, incorporating the personal taste of each client. What they want to represent,” Swennen said.

“I remember with Kristen Stewart‘s first ‘Twilight’ tour we loved the idea of matching the colors on the book cover –the red, white and black vampire theme. I don’t go that literal for the most part but she was young, we were having fun.”

Fun feels a big part of the process, which is a relief. Her workspace is devoid of cliches like trite catchphrases and oversized travel coffees. Massive frames contain polaroids of fittings throughout Tara’s career — faces like Kim Kardashian, Sarah Michelle Gellar and a very animated Stewart make it easy to see clients have a ball with Swennen.

Source: The Wrap

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