Beau Nelson Talks About Kristen Stewart

Beau Nelson, a makeup artist turned close friend of Kristen has something to say about her. Beau talks about this year’s Cannes Film Festival where he left Kristen rocked electric-red lips paired with a dewy taupe shimmer on her eyes. Beau made sure to showcase her favorite feature. Beau always feel like Kristen’s a little sister to him.

Kristen loves her freckles.

“I taught her how to apply foundation with a damp sponge so it won’t cover them up” – “Kristen loves her freckles”, he says.

Kristen wants to be different.

Kristen has a rebellious spirit. She doesn’t want to look like everyone else – she wants to do it better- Beau told Teen Vogue.

Also, Kristen has also mentioned his fellow friend, Beau during an interview with Teen Vogue.

“I Know when I work with Beau that he’s excited to show people something they’ve never seen before. “It’s not a job to him. It really is his art”

Far from the public eye, the starlet taught him the most important beauty lesson of all.

I’ve learned from her that as much as we play with make-up, she’s the most beautiful nautrally.” Beau says, “She know who she is. I respect and love that about her.”

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